Different type of online casino bonuses

There are a wide variety of incentives on offer when searching for a new internet casino to play with. The right casino bonus can significantly enhance your playing power, and we’ve compiled a guide to the different types of internet casino bonus out there.

An internet casino will offer various bonuses to encourage new players to select their casino, make deposits, take part in tournaments, try out a variety of games and of course, to secure their customers’ loyalty.

You’ll come across a wide variety of bonuses and rewards when scoping out a new internet casino, from welcome bonuses and deposit matching, to free spin bonues and loyalty bonuses. Let’s take a closer look at these and the other bonuses you’re likely to find.

No deposit free casino bonus

Many casinos offer free no deposit bonuses to attract new players. These will either be in the form of free cash or free spins and are generally worth up to £20. The free cash will be in the form of credits to be used on various games and slots and the free spins will of course be used on the slots. There will usually be a time limit for using these free bonuses and you may be limited to certain games. Always be sure to check the terms and conditions to avoid disappointment!

Welcome bonus

Welome bonuses are typically the most generous incentives on offer from online casinos. They’re only available when making a first deposit and of course, this means they’re only available once per casino. These are often high percentage bonuses rewarding your first deposit, and can be anywhere from 100% to 500%. You’ll also find a fair few welcome packages, which reward the first 3 – 5 deposits with separate bonuses. These welcome bonuses and packages will differ massively across the different casinos, and some will even have free spins and other rewards mixed in. Always compare what’s on offer and remember that your welcome bonus will likely be the best bonus you get from that casino. Let’s not forget that when chasing bonuses, bigger is better, and the more money you put down, the better your reward will likely be. The goal of the casino is to provide you with the funds to play a broad selection of the games on offer.

Deposit match bonus

Deposit match bonuses are usually included as part of the welcome bonus, but many online casinos will offer deposit match bonuses from time to time to encourage loyalty and incentivise regular deposits. This increases your playable funds and chances of winning, so keep an eye out for these powerful bonuses.

Free spins

Free spins are a very popular and common incentive. They’re often offered to new customers to encourage registration, but will also be offered as loyalty rewards and to celebrate new game launches. Free spins can only be used on slots games and will often come with a fix bet, which is important to remember. They’re usually offered on the latest or most popular slots games. You may need to make a qualifying deposit, so again, keep an eye on those terms and conditions.

Cashback bonus

Cashback bonusess are only available to existing customers, and offer a chance to recoup monies lost. Generally, the casino might offer you a percentage return on your losses over a set period of time. For example, you might get offered a 20% return on losses over a losing weekend.

VIP bonus

Online casinos will often reward deposits, loyalty and spending with points which can be accumulated and spent on cash or other bonuses. This gives an incentive to keep playing and rewards loyal players with free cash and goodies.

Finding the right bonus

The information above is just a guide, and care should be taken to check the terms of each bonus. There will be different requirements and it’s vital that these are fully understood, like a true casino expert, to make the most of what’s available to you. You may be looking to just dip your toe in the water and try a selection of games, or you may be an aficionado in your game of choice. Different bonuses suit different approaches so be sure and take the time to research which type of bonus will suit your gameplay best.

Wagering your bonus

There will be conditions to wagering your bonuses which will need to be followed to the letter. Wagering requirements are a multiplier indicating how many times you will need to stake the amount of the bonus. It’s important to remember that wagering requirements could apply to the bonus alone or the activating deposit and bonus so again, remember to check those terms and conditions. Also, just because it’s been offered, doesn’t mean you have to use it! If the requirements are more than you were expecting you can always walk away, if you’ve done your research.

Enjoying your bonus

There are myriad applications for your bonus. You can use it to significantly increase your bankroll, explore a variety of new games without being hit in the wallet or even potentially win big without spending a penny. It can offer you a broader choice of gameplay and give you some breathing space to develop strategy and gameplay. Make the casino work for you, and always remember to gamble responsibly!

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