What kind of internet casino bonus can I get without making a deposit?

Deposit multipliers remain the most common types of bonus in the online casino world. These bonuses require you to place an initial deposit and then they multiply it by a certain amount. If a bonus offers you 3x your deposit, for instance, you can deposit £100 and the casino will give you an extra £200 to play with. Frustratingly, these types of bonuses tend to apply only to initial deposits, and are designed to lure new customers in to a casino. What about bonuses that do not require you to make a deposit? There are three key types.

Free spins

These bonuses allow you to spin the roulette wheel or crank the handle of a slot machine without losing any points or chips. Usually, casinos ask you to pay (either with real money or with virtual chips) to play one round of a game. A free spin bonus lets you play a certain number of rounds without paying at all.

Account upgrades

Another no deposit casino bonus available is an account upgrade. Frequently, online casinos have various types of accounts, with VIP accounts reserved for punters who are willing to pay more to get some extra privileges (such as larger withdrawal limits and quicker withdrawal times, as well as access to ‘VIP rooms’ within the casino). Whether for a promotional period or for good, a casino owner may decide to offer codes that allow players to upgrade their account to VIP status. These bonuses can really enhance your experience of gameplay.

Waivers on deposit and withdrawal fees

A substantial percentage of your winnings may end up being recouped by the casino if they charge hefty commissions on withdrawals and/ or deposits. Most casinos do apply withdrawal fees, but some will offer promotional codes that enable you to partake of no fee withdrawals. Usually, these periods of fee free withdrawals will be limited to a month or two, so it is a good idea to keep your eye open for them and snap them up whenever you can.

Thinking beyond cold, hard cash

Deposit multipliers can be attractive bonuses to punters because it feels like we are getting an instant reward in the form of extra cash. Free spin or deposit fee waiver bonuses can feel more abstract and it can stretch a player’s imagination to think of how much cash they are saving with bonuses like these. Do the maths, however, and it may be the case that a no deposit bonus actually leaves you with more money in your casino account than a deposit multiplier bonus does. Our brains are arguably trained to respond more positively to the prospect of ‘gaining’ money (in the form of a deposit multiplier) than we do to the idea of saving money (in the form of an account upgrade, fee waiver or free spin bonus). This can trick us into thinking that deposit multipliers are always more beneficial than no deposit bonuses. The next time that you are comparing bonus codes, have a calculator to hand and work out how much money you actually would save with each type of bonus – you may well surprised.

Branch out into new and different bonuses

There are a plethora of casino bonuses out there for you to choose from. Just make sure to read the terms and conditions attached to each bonus code to make sure that the bonus that you are scrutinising really is something that will benefit you financially.

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