Short guide to prepare you for Roulette and Blackjack on the internet

Lovers of roulette and blackjack have something to smile about with the advent of online casinos. The days when someone had to visit a casino to enjoy the games physically are now long gone, and gamblers can enjoy playing from any remote location. The thrill of the games is maintained by the presence of live dealers and the chances of winning real money. For starters, most uk online casinos will give you the opportunity to learn the games before you get to play against real players or professionals.

Playing roulette online

Online roulette involves a wheel, the roulette ball, a betting table and playing chips. The wheel has thirty-seven pockets for the european roulette and 38 pockets for the american roulette. There are 17 black pockets, 17 red pockets and the pocket numbered zero is green. The american roulette wheel has two green pockets, a zero and a double zero pocket. The game involves spinning the wheel with the ball spinning around its outside edge. The players are supposed to predict what pocket the ball will land in after slowing down. In roulette online, there is no croupier to spin the wheel, so a computer generates a winning number randomly, providing equal chances to each number.

Roulette rules

In roulette, one plays against the casino. A player can place a single prediction or wager on a set of numbers. The odds are higher for individual predictions, and as the set of numbers increases, the chances get low. This is because multiple projections increase your chance of winning. The house is given an edge of 5.26% over the player in the american roulette while the european version gives the house a lower edge of 2.70%. The five number bet on the american wheel is the most disadvantageous to the player since the edge on the house is 7.89%. A player can also wager on the characteristic of a number, for example, odd and even or the colour of the number.

Live dealer roulette

The live dealer roulette involves a real croupier spinning the wheel and handling the bets, as the players watch online. You also get to play against other real players as you get live updates on your wins as well as losses. The game gives the player the feeling of being in a physical casino.

Playing blackjack online

Blackjack involves dealing cards. The players play against the dealer. A player selects a table depending on how much they wish to spend since each table has its range of value. Some casinos, however, provide the player with a multiplayer table option. The dealer gives all the players two cards, including themselves. On receiving the cards, the player can either win, request to receive another card, double their bet or stand. Standing means that you are okay with the two cards and you do not need any further cards. The goal of the match is to get your cards total 21, without running over, and to beat the dealer at it. A blackjack is when you get two cards with a value adding up to 21. Blackjack online is run by a computer software.

Blackjack rules

While 21 is a win, blackjack is considered the best hand and its value are high. Card suits are disregarded, meaning that if you have a ten of spades and a ten of hearts, their value is equal. The face value of cards numbered 2 to 10 is their face value. The jack, queen and king’s value is ten. The ace has a value of one or eleven depending on whether the player goes bust. Busting means having the value of your cards exceed 21. The unwritten rule in the game is that you should always strive to remain at 17. When both player and dealer have cards with equal values, they are said to be a push.

Live dealer blackjack

Live dealer blackjack involves a dealer in person, live tables and real players. One gets to play in real time by live streaming using their computer, smart phone or tablet. In live dealer blackjack, the player can chat with the dealer who handles the stakes. Stakes are higher in live dealer blackjack games since the dealers have to be paid by the casino. Live games also need more players with most of them requiring seven players and above before they start. This could be a bit frustrating for players who do not have much time on their hands.

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