A Guide to Loose Slots and How to Know When Your Casino Game is Ready to Cash Out

Do you play slot machines? If yes, you may have heard that it is possible to identify the most winning slot machines. Loose slot machines are very many, therefore it comes as a surprise that many players miss out on this knowledge, and play tighter slots. Obviously, the casinos cannot tell the players directly that there are loose slots available on their platforms.

On this page we discuss what loose slots are, how to find them, and how to know when your casino game is ready to cash out.

What is a Loose Slot Machine?

A slot that pays out more frequently than other slot machines is considered loose. Loose slots are usually very popular with the players, who consider them the Holy Grail of casino games. Obviously, any player will search for and play the best slot games that frequently reward them. No one wants to spend their hard-earned money on slot machines that do not offer wins. Without the existence of loose slots, UK online casinos would be unappealing to those who love to win.

Casino games that claim 98 percent payout on slots need to have loose slots so that they do not get accused of false advertising. In addition to that, satisfied players with good winnings will attract more players to the games. These slots vary from one day to another because of the random number generator in computerised slots.

How to Identify Loose Slots

The only way to determine whether a slot is loose or tight is by checking the Return to Player (RTP). RTP of a slot is the sole number that defines the mean return to be awarded to the player. The higher the RTP is, the looser a slot is. Fortunately, many developers of slot machines online are required to publish the Return to Player of all online casino games they create, therefore there’s no reason for you to seek certain signs and follow crazy theories.

All you need to do to locate the most winning slot machines is to check the number. In general, when it comes to online slot machines, 97 percent and higher is considered loose, 95 percent – 96 percent is average, and below 94 percent is tight. When playing slot machines online, be on the lookout for a web page that advertises jackpots being regularly won, as this can help you find the loosest slots.

The following are some tips on how to find loose slots in land casinos:

  • A slot machine that is very visible from multiple directions and centrally positioned in a casino tends to be loose. This is because when other players see other players winning greatly, it motivates them to continue trying for a jackpot win.
  • Ask a casino worker which slot machines pay out more than others. This bit of information can go a long way in helping you win.
  • Converse with other players to find out which games they consider the best slot games. Frequent players will most likely know where the loose slot machines are located.
  • Watch out for the winners who have big trays and buckets filled with coins. This shows you that they have made steady winnings and might be at loose machines. Try to stay nearby and get the most winning slot machine when it’s available.

How to Know Your Casino Game is Ready to Cash Out

When playing slots, you need to first choose the slot machine you want to play with, the amount of money you are willing to stake, and the number of spins you want to take. The kind of slot machine you choose plays a huge role in determining your credits. Before you start to spin the reels, you should set an amount you wish to invest, and the best way to know this amount is to just multiply the chosen number of credits by the number of spins.

For example, if you have a total of 2,000 credits, plan to stake 56 credits on every spin and want to play just 10 spins during a game, you would stake 560 credits. When you finish the 10 spins, you will have 2000-560=1440 plus any credits you have won during that session. To determine the profit you have made, calculate the difference between the 1440 credits and those you have won during the ten spins. Divide this number by 56 to get the number of spins you can do on the second session. If your credits reach 1440 or happen to reduce, it I better to cash out and finish your game on that slot.

On the other hand, if you earn a prize during the second session, that tells you that you can commence your game, and you can even choose more than ten spins per stake session. This is all dependent on the credits you win. All in all, it is very important to change slot machines you are using until you locate a loose one.

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