Online Casinos and Virtual Reality: Learn the basics and what to expect with VR when gambling

Live dealer casinos bring immediacy to online gambling, but the casino experience is rapidly getting more immersive yet thanks to VR slots and other virtual reality casino games. Are you ready to step in to the exciting world of a live casino offering a VR experience?

Technology in a virtual reality casino: how it works

Some internet casino businesses will require players to don special headgear in order to experience the virtual reality world they have created. This headgear will make not only the sights but also the sounds of the casino to manifest themselves in three dimensions. Other VR casinos, however, will not require any special equipment and rather will rely on an updated design of their website to make it easier for players to delve into a world of enhanced reality. At the core of virtual reality casino games is software that creates a sense of depth and 3D space. The software in question is known as CADD software (CADD stands for Computer Design and Drafting) and it is the same type of software that is used by animators to create life like three dimensional characters in films. VR slots use the same type of GGI technology that you can see when you go to the cinema!

What can you do in virtual reality casinos that you cannot do in other internet casinos?

Internet casinos are really getting creative when it comes to the wide variety of actions that you can perform in a virtual reality casino. The 3D graphics enable you to explore the casino in the same way that you would stroll around a bricks and mortar casino. There are also functions that enable you to physically approach and chat to the dealer or to other players in the casino. This marks a significant difference from earlier online chat functions in internet casinos, where you would type in messages to the dealer (for instance to ask if you can join the game or to send them a monetary tip) or to other players and receive a typed reply. In many virtual reality casinos, you must physically ‘approach’ a player in order to be able to hear and be heard by them – much like in real life.

Is the virtual reality casino at the intersection between gambling and RPG culture?

Anyone who has played a RPG (role player game) on the internet will be intrigued to find many recognisable aspects when they come to play virtual reality casino games. Virtual reality casinos also tend to emphasise the social aspect of the casino experience. For instance, as well as engaging with the VR slots and other games in a 3D fashion, players at these casinos can also pull up a stool at a virtual bar, sit on sofas and chat with other gamblers in between games and even (in some casinos) light up a cigar or enjoy a meal. Gamblers can spend their winnings on treats like drinks at the bar in the virtual casino world, as well as withdrawing them into their bank accounts in the real world and using them for a few more spins on the VR slots or to lay down a stake in a 3 dimensional live dealer game of poker.

Which games can be played in virtual reality mode?

VR slots are very big in the online casino world at the moment, with poker and roulette also making a big impact when it comes to popular virtual reality casino games. Nevertheless, casinos are rapidly developing virtual reality versions of plenty of other types of casino games, including Blackjack and Bingo, so keep your eyes peeled.

Have you tried any virtual reality casino games yet?

If not, why not? Virtual reality casinos are so much fun to play and they bring online casinos one step closer to the delights of a land based casino. In fact, it can be argued that playing VR slots and other virtual reality casino games is even better than playing in a bricks and mortar casino because it brings players together from right across the globe. As mentioned above, there is usually no need for special headgear when playing in a VR casino (though you can try special VR headsets if you want to, to see if they improve your gaming experience): just log right in and start playing.

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