Common misconceptions regarding popular casino bonuses

Not completely understanding online casino bonuses will cause unnecessary stress and confusion, and there are many misconceptions regarding these popular gambling rewards. When will you receive your bonus, can it be withdrawn, and how can it be used are some of the most notable questions, but after reading this article you will have straightened out these question marks.

One of the most fundamental questions you should ask yourself is, if you will get paid. In order to get a valid answer it is advisable to spend some time reading online casino reviews. They will help you know if the bonus is reliable, the terms fair and if it is worth accepting. If a casino is of good repute, rewards on offer will likely be legitimate. Bonuses are a make or break aspect for many players and as such a casino’s reputation will hinge heavily on how their rewards are structured. For good review site, where you can also compare different welcome bonuses on your own we can highly recommend this page.

Different bonus types have their share of pros and cons and these are worth knowing.


One of the things that bonuses assure you is more time to play. As most bonuses and rewards ultimately extends your bankroll you will get more for your money. More money means more game rounds and more fun. And having fun is what gambling responsibly is all about, something everyone should aim to do!

More game rounds also mean that we get a chance to turn a period of losses into a winning session. Say you would have had enough money to make 200 spins on your favorite online slot with a deposit you just made, but this turns into 300 as there was 100 free spins on offer, which you accepted. You unfortunately had a losing streak consisting of 250 unlucky spins, but on spin number 251 you hit a big win and you are back on top. Without the free spin-bonus you would never have made it that far.


Ideally, gambling operators cannot afford to keep giving money to every new player. This is why most online casinos have a wagering requirement. A play-through requirement, which is another term for the same thing, means you will need to give the casino a fair chance of winning back some of the free money they just gave you. This number is expressed as a multiplier that states how many times you will have to put the received extra money on the line. For instance, a 40 time requirement on a bonus worth £20 would have you put £800 in total bets before you are able to make a withdrawal. Impossible you say? Well, not really. The house edge at most casino games are only something in the range of 2-5% which means that you can expect to get £95-98 back on every £100 wagered. The odds will be stacked against you, but this is after all gambling and something you will be aware off. Raking in a couple of decent wins while playing through your bonus will be necessary and hopefully you will manage to do just that.

Common misconceptions on rewards and when bonuses are triggered

Three different bonuses are commonly referenced when you’re playing at an online casino site. The “deposit bonus”, the “no-deposit bonus” and the “welcome bonus”. When hearing these terms most beginners will think of a reward in terms of free money, but that is actually not true at all times. The mentioned terms are actually just referencing when a bonus is activated, and doesn’t say anything about the actual reward.

A deposit bonus is triggered, as you will probably have guessed when you make a deposit, but the reward can be multiplying your deposited amount (a match bonus), or award you free spins in a certain slot. These are the most common bonus types for the deposit bonus but not necessarily the only ones. Sometimes you may be rewarded with loyalty points, some kind of playable virtual currency or at more advanced casinos it might trigger something like a spin on a bonus wheel. The possibilities are pretty much endless and there are even online casinos that offer goods in exchange for a deposit even though this is somewhat rare. The key is, as with all bonuses in the details of the offer and should therefore be read carefully.

A no-deposit bonus is also extremely flexible in terms of the rewards and all of the above can be applied to this type as well, but the triggering mechanism can also vary. The only thing holding true for activating this bonus is that it won’t have you make a deposit. Instead it can be awarded for registering an account (a sign-up bonus), maybe by playing a certain number of rounds in a specified slot, finding a golden card at a blackjack table, or any other imaginable action. Sometimes a no-deposit bonus can be rewarded, believe it or not, by making a withdrawal! The sky is the limit when it comes to how the no-deposit bonus is triggered but the reward is in turn usually of rather low value in comparison to a deposit bonus.

The casino welcome bonus is also another common but not so well understood term. It is actually a package of guaranteed bonuses. Usually in the form of one no-deposit sign-up bonus, often in the form if free spins, and a couple of guaranteed deposit bonuses of the match-form. An example would be that you get 50 free rounds on the popular Starburst slot for creating and verifying your account and then a guaranteed match bonus on your first four deposits, the match percentage usually being the highest at the first and last of these guaranteed bonus deposits as to first incentivise us to make that initial deposit and to later entice us to do even more deposits as to reach that generous fourth deposit bonus.

Hopefully you are a bit wiser and can make your stay at any bonus casino more enjoyable. Stay safe and good luck!

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