The Beginner’s Guide to using Poker Blinds in the Casino

Card games are won by players with good laid down strategies. Players who know how to play poker make use of poker blinds in their strategies and earn a lot of money. They initiate play and can be used to activate action. Before a player can take a look at their cards, the poker blinds are posted. They form part of a player’s bet.

Blinds can be thought of as advanced payment before a round or orbit of play. The small blind is typically half the size of the big blind. The two poker blinds are normally posted after each other by a player. Limit games are defined by the blinds. A game with a big blind of £ 30 and a small blind of £15 will be called a £15/£30 limit game. The betting structure and stakes of a particular game can result in a variation of the blinds.

The basics

After you’ve settled down, the first hand that you take, may or may not be a poker blind. When the first hand is a big blind you’ll simply make the payment accompanied by the small blind and the game will roll on. If it isn’t a poker blind some casinos may require you to post the blind before engaging in the game. Others may let you play for a while before the big blind gets to you.

In other poker rooms, you may be allowed to choose to pay immediately or simply wait for your round. It is prudent to take sometime before posting the blind bet. This can give you time to settle in and watch the flow of the game without having to be actively involved. As the game passes by, you get time to clear your head and figure out the style of your opponents.

Waiting to play the blinds on turn is also beneficial financially. Paying early will offer you less cards for the round. The cards will also be played from a bad position. By this time you won’t know the mechanics of the game and the moves with the greatest rewards. You will be playing from a point of ignorance.

Complex situations

Some complicated scenarios may arise in the course of the game. A player may fail to post the small blind after paying the big blind and take a break immediately. In another case, more than two players can take a break at the same time. In such cases, the best option is to trust the direction offered by the dealer. It may take sometime before you figure out how they sort out such situations and what influences their decisions. Until you do that, follow their lead. You will be safe that way.

Most players on live casino poker place far much higher bets compared to those who engage in online casino poker. Live games have seen players opening for 6 times or more the big blind as opposed to 2 times or 3 times the big blind on the online casino poker scene.

Players are known to raise and re-raise blinds as the game progresses. Don’t be afraid to engage in this whenever you find it necesarry. When opponents make the raise on your turn, no need to fret. You’ll only have to work on damage control and tighten up your play. Don’t react in anger. Take your time and make the right move.

Blind stealers can be intimidating but you can beat them at their own game. Re-raise when the keep raising. Your opponents will rethink their steps as you are showing that you have an upperhand. It will also intensify the pressure on them and some may even fold. In other circurmstances it may be prudent to fold and minimise the damage.

After the fold, mix up your play. Your opponents won’t be able to predict your next move and this will work to your advantage. Consider making a call with a smooth hand, floating or bluff-raising. Random check-folds and check-raises will surprise them and you can take advantage of those who will panic. Bluffs make up for the big hands that you placed earlier in the game.


Basic strategy poker can make good use of blinds and earn a lot for aggresive players. Keep this in mind and make the most of poker blinds as you play. Online casino uk will offer you opportunities to enjoy experiences similar to the live casino poker. Use the poker blinds to earn as much as you possibly can. Take part in the poker tournaments offered there and beat your opponents with smart poker blind moves.

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